9 Things You Should Never Use To Clean Your Smartphone

Don't worry... we aren't here to shame you, but drop that Windex bottle, stat!

The following 9 items should never be used to clean your smartphone screen.

1 - Window Cleaner

Some newer phones have a protective coating that resists water and oil, which can wear out over time. Using harsh cleaners can strip the coating.

2 - Kitchen Cleaners

A screen's scratch-resistant properties won't get ground down by cleaning agents, but stripping that protective coating is still a problem.

3 - Paper Towels

The paper can shred, making the debris on your phone much worse. They also can even end up scratching the screen.

4 - Rubbing Alcohol

Since many newer phones have a protective coating, rubbing alcohol can wear it away quicker over time.

5 - Makeup Remover

The chemicals can be harsh to an electronic screen.

6 - Compressed Air

Your phone is delicate, so blowing an intense amount of air into its portals can cause some damage, specifically to your mic.

7 - Dish Soap/Hand Soap

These might be gentle on your hands, but need to be combined with water. Most phone companies suggest keeping your phone away from water.

8 - Vinegar

Big no-no! This will strip the screens coating.

9 - Disinfectant Wipes

The warning label on these reminds you to wash your hands after each use, so using them to clean something that touches your face often isn't a great idea.

Source: CNET

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