Driverless Cars Are Going To Mess Up The Airline Industry

Driverless Car | GettyImages-956353340

Driverless Car | GettyImages-956353340

In much the same way Uber and Lyft messed up the taxicab industry, driverless cars could mess up the airline industry.

Researchers found that many people would much rather hop in their cars and spend the hours on the freeway -- as long as they don’t have to actually drive -- instead of dealing with security, airports, schedules and cramped airplanes.

Flying means getting to the airport early and taking time to deplane and get luggage. It’s a hassle and never just a quick hop.

In a driverless car, passengers would be able to eat, drink, work and sleep during the drive. They could leave whenever they want and pack whatever they want -- even liquids and pocketknives -- without searches or scans. And, all with more legroom.

Of course, when they get to their destination, they wouldn’t have to find a rental car.

What do you think? Would you rather fly in a plane or ride in a driverless car?

Photo: Getty Images

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