'Human-Size' Bat Photo Horrifies The Internet

An image circulating around the internet shows a human-sized bat in the Philippines, however, the true nature of the creature is a little more complicated than that.

The photo popped up on Twitter last Wednesday when a user shared the image and wrote "remember when I told y'all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about."

The post quickly went viral with over a hundred thousand users sharing the image.

However, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

The creature in the photo is a species of bat native to the Philippines and is known as a giant golden-crowned flying fox.

While they do grow to tremendous size, the description of this particular animal as 'human-sized' is generous at best and, as later noted by the individual who posted the photo, the bat is about the size of a six-year-old child.

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