Woman Agreed To Have A Baby For Facebook Friend, Now She Wants Him Back

Photo: Getty Images

After finding out her and her fiance were unable to have children, this woman took to Facebook to see if anybody was willing to have a baby for them!

To her surprise, a Facebook friend replied, offering to get pregnant and give the baby to her at no cost. They reportedly never met in person.

The baby was born and handed off to the couple in December of 2017. According to SF GATE, the adoptive mother went through some major hardship after the baby was born, including breaking up with her fiance and suffering from depression.

When the baby was four months old, the biological mother and father decided they wanted to terminate the agreement and get the baby back.

After a long custody battle of pointing fingers back and forth, the court decided that the biological parents were unfit to take care of the child and will stay in his current home.

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