Dr. Fauci's Baseball Card Is The Topps...LITERALLY!

Who’da thunk there would ever be a baseball card for Dr. Fauci? If you saw his first pitch at the season opener, you’d assume there would be no need for one! The running joke is that he didn’t want anyone to "catch" anything…including the ball. As with most assumptions, that would be wrong.

There IS a Fauci card. Whats' even more amazing, it’s already become the best selling baseball card in Topps history! 51,512 copies were sold. To put that into perspective, #2 on the list only sold 19,396.

If you’re thinking, “I should grab that Fauci card, it could be a collector’s item,” don’t bother. They only made it available for 24 hours. So now, you gotta get it through the resale market. Good luck with those prices!