Deputies From Palm Beach & Treasure Coast In Gulf Coast For Search & Rescue

MCSO Sends Deputies To Lee County

Photo: CBS 12

As residents on Florida's Gulf Coast deal with the devastation done by Hurricane Ian, they're getting help from members of law enforcement from across the state.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says 15 deputies are in Lee County, and they won't only be doing search and rescue.

He tells CBS 12 News that the team that left Friday morning will also be patrolling the streets and handling any issues that may arise.

"When we go in in a law enforcement capacity, we try to go as a life raft to bring aid and comfort and very importantly to protect the people from those that would take advantage when they're at their lowest moment."

Snyder says another 15 deputies will head to the west coast in about a week and they'll stay until they're no longer needed.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office sent a convoy of 75 deputies, along with equipment and supplies to Charlotte County on Friday.

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