Cops: Florida Boy Shot In Head Did It Himself With Gun Left Within Reach

Man Arrested After Child Shoots Self in Head

Photo: CBS 12

A Boca Raton man faces charges after a 2-year old shot himself in the head.

Police say the gun belonged to 21-year old Mohammad Faiyaz.

"He was told by the victim's mother, according to her, to get the weapon out of the residence. But he never did so."

Port St. Lucie Assistant Police Chief Richard Del Toro says Faiyaz had been invited to the woman's home earlier this month, after they met through a dating app.

Faiyaz took the woman and her son, known to the family as "Baby Ray," to the hospital and left, avoiding police for 10 days until the U.S. Marshals found him yesterday in Palm Beach County.

The suspect faces charges of culpable negligence and carrying a weapon without a license.

Del Toro says this case can be used as a cautionary tale of sorts.

"It's important with gun safety to always practice the right safety practices and make sure that never leave a gun where anyone can access it that's not trained to handle a firearm."

Del Toro says the child begins therapy soon, but his long term prognosis is unclear.

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