Brooksville Manager Fired Over Accidental Sale of Water Tower

BROOKSVILLE -- The accidental sale of a water tower by city staff, along with the public response, set the table for the dismissal of Brooksville's city manager at Monday night's city council meeting.

City Council voted 3-2 to remove Mark Kutney after hearing public comment about the accidental sale, which was reversed when the man who bought the property returned it to the city.

When asked about the snafu by News Channel 8, Kutney said "We're human... sometimes we make a mistake."

Some council members complained that they didn't hear about the botched deal until they heard from friends who had learned of media accounts. Other speakers accused Kutney of miscommunication. They asked for his resignation but Kutney refused.

Speakers also complained that the property adjacent to the water tower wasn't offered for a public bid, which might have brought the city more money. One accused the mayor of covering up for Kutney.

It was a pretty raucous meeting... here's the link to the video.

Photo: Canva

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