If you can't find Nikes At Stores. Here's Why

One would think that you could just pop into any retail store and pick up the latest Nike sneakers, but chances of that are becoming increasingly slim.

Nike is cutting ties with several retailers so they can focus on selling merchandise in their own Nike stores, Nike.com, and their app.

The shoe giant still works with big retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and Foot Locker but have moved away from the traditional retailers. 

Nike says they can make more money through their own channels versus selling through wholesale partners, basically they don't want their premium brand to be discounted too heavily.

Owners of smaller stores have shared their disappointment with Nike like Ed Shaen who stated he's been selling the shoe brand for 37 years but according to a letter from Nike, they are closing his account.

What do you think of Nike's decision to limit the retailers they work with? Do you think it's unfair to smaller retailers that they won't be able to carry the brand?