How To Make Christmas Dinner For under $100

Christmas is expensive, but you can save a bundle in one unexpected area: the Christmas dinner. “Stay At Home Mum” founder Jody Allen says she spends only $80 dollars on the delicious feast.

There are two reasons she pared down the food budget. It leaves more for presents and there’s less food waste. Here are some tricks she uses to keep the cost impressively low.

  • Don’t buy the whole ham. Instead by slices off the bone at the counter
  • Instead of a whole turkey, she goes for the turkey loaf in the frozen section
  • Instead of buying or making lots of pies, make one unique dessert

The side dishes are inexpensive, so the cost stays at about $80 or less. And as a bonus, Allen shared the big way she saves on gifts. She buys them on sale and she gets the kids about three small things and one “biggish” present.


Photo: Getty Images