Palm Beach School Board Discusses Change In 'Zero Tolerance' Weapons Policy

(FILES) A file picture taken on October

Photo: AFP

Ahead of a new school year, Palm Beach County's school board is talking about a policy change when it comes to students bringing some weapons to campus.

Last year, there were 85 reports of kids with weapons at school and that leads to expulsion. But school district police say that parents are sometimes giving their kids tasers, not knowing that those are part of the district's zero tolerance policy.

Board member Debra Robinson wants to consider a program called "Safe Harbor."

"I want a student who, if for whatever reason they're carrying a say a taser with them to school, I want them to be able to turn it in and basically self-report without consequences."

She says it's used in at least one Central Florida school district.

"Maybe we talk to Orange County Public Schools, see how it's working and see if that's something that we would want to put into effect."

It allows students with a taser or pocketknife to turn the weapon in to their teacher or a school employee without getting in trouble.

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