Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Ready For Safe & Secure Midterms


Photo: AFP

One Florida elections chief says her office is prepared for the midterms.

Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link tells county commissioners that her staff is dedicated to safe and secure elections.

"Florida elections and Palm Beach County in particular have received bipartisan support for our timely, efficient and accurate execution of the elections, not only from the governor but also from then-President Trump specifically talking about Palm Beach County."

Trump, a Palm Beach resident, cast his ballot in the 2020 presidential election in person.

Sartory Link was appointed by Governor DeSantis after he removed her predecessor, Susan Bucher, for failing to report results from the 2018 November election on time. She then ran for the seat and won two years later.

"We have a very high caliber of elections professionals in our office and they're very dedicated to having safe and secure elections."

Sartory Link says something new will be rolled out during the August primaries.

"We're also going to pilot a new program called "No Wait in Line" and that's a program that will allow voters to go on for early voting and schedule an appointment."

She says some early voting locations had two to three hour waits during the 2020 election, so this is meant to cut down on those.

Sartory Link says voters will also be able to simply show up without an appointment during the early voting period, which begins August 8.

She adds that if the appointment voting is successful, it will be implemented again during early voting for the November general election.

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